There are a few exciting updates about mental health and psychedelic medicines that I wanted to share:

1) I have been organizing an event at Harvard Business School where Rick Doblin and George Goldsmith will both be speaking on May 13 from 5:30-8:00 PM. The event is intended to be for HBSAB and HKSNEAA members but If you are interested in the topic / available and in Boston that day, or know somebody who will be, you/they can register here as a Harvard Kennedy Alumni attendee (HKSNEAA). It will be great to have them both speak about their journeys testing and seeking approval for the use of psychedelic medicines for mental health. Would be great if you could make it and/or if you could help spread the word. 

2) Rick Doblin’s organization, MAPS, is looking for a COO. Ideally the candidate would live in California (although location is flexible) and have 5+ years of experience. If you know anyone who may be interested, please share this job posting with them.

3) Business Insider created a list of 100 people who are transforming the world of business and Rick Doblin made it on the list for his work with MAPS! Rick also completed a TED talk last week, which I will be sharing soon.

GREAT things are happening all around in this space and it is a wonderful time to be involved.

Dick Simon