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The Plaza, Chichicastenango, Guatemala image won FIRST PLACE in Newton Camera Club Competition

Last night I went to Newton Camera Club, where I had submitted 3 images to a competition, and Plaza from New Years’ morning in Chichicastenango, Guatemala (below) won First Place with a perfect 30 score, and the judge, Mike McNeill, was incredibly complimentary.  (“I thought I was looking at Henri Cartier-Bresson”.)  WOW!!!!

The timing could not possibly have been better.  I am taking a Street Photography Class at New England School of Photography (NESOP).  Our first shooting assignment was Saturday in the Boston Common, and was definitely NOT my best work.  After viewing ‘the take’, I was massively disappointed – the images were just too static.  So self doubt creeps in, maybe I really love photography, but will never be good, etc.  (Dark Side Demons at work.)  This gives me the energy to get back out there shooting!!  Thanks Mike!!!