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A Decade of Photography in the Aftermath of 9/11

An image of mine was selected by curator Ruben Natal-San Miguel for “A Decade of Photography in the Aftermath of 9/11,” a one night presentation on Monday Sept 12 at the Greenwich House Music School in NYC.

Here is Ruben’s artist statement and a video of the slideshow:

“As a survivor of attacks on Sept 11, 2001 and now a photographer, curator and an influential figure among fine art photography community, I want to celebrate life, commemorate the 10-year anniversary and showcase how photography, as an art media and derivative works, have changed the face of America and the World.”

“It is a demonstration of how our life, a worldly vision manifested through the use of the photographer’s lens and accompanied by all the technological advances, has evolved since right after 9/11 until today. It will reflect the new sensibilities in this art medium, created by the war, the economy and the advances in the technological landscapes. The exhibition will also highlight some of the most iconic images over the past decade. These photography images over the last 10-years will be on exhibition display via the World Wide Web as a unique virtual gallery and as a special slide/musical presentation to be held at the historical Greenwich House Music School. Let the healing begin!”

A Decade of Photography in the Aftermath of 9/11 from Raymond Adams on Vimeo.

Primary Source Keynote in July

I am delivering the keynote for Primary Source’s “Teaching for Global Understanding in the 21st Century” Summer Institute on July 25th.  Educating students about global issues is so important.  I am really honored to be a part of encouraging their great work.

Educators are increasingly aware that the challenges of our changing world will require students to think and learn in new ways. In addition to teaching core academic content, our schools need to cultivate key skills: global awareness, critical thinking, media literacy, collaboration, intercultural communication, technological ability, and civic engagement. This course will explore the importance of such skills and will build a case for re-envisioning how we prepare students for an interconnected world. Participants will examine the global economy, the environment, health, social justice, and peace & conflict resolution. Interested participants should be willing to take on a leadership role in their districts and to be advocates for global education across disciplines and grade levels.